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Forest trip

2022-01-23 22:45:06

Some photos from three weeks ago I took during a forest trip while I was visiting my sister. [...]

From the top of Kinnekulle

2022-01-16 19:23:55

A photo from the top of Kinnekulle taken yesterday. The Sun is low in the sky here during the winter and we get that warm wintery light. This combined with some thin clouds in front of the sun created a really beautiful soft light. [...]

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You can purchase prints of my photos through my shop at Redbubble. You can find my Redbubble shop by clicking on Shop in the menu or by clicking here. If there is a photo you are interested in getting a print of that are not available in the shop, please contact me and I will look into making it available. For special requests please contact me.

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I'm a system administrator from Sweden with a passion for photography. I started out with photography in 2004 by photographing the Transit of Venus. You can read more about me on the about page that can be found through the menu or by clicking here.


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