2023-06-26 20:34:33

Some photos taken at Bestorp Nature Reserve, Kinnekulle about one and a half months ago. Kodak Portra 400 film. [...]

Österplana Heath and Grassland

2023-06-17 22:36:40

Some more photos from Österplana, Kinnekulle taken about a month ago. This time some film photos taken the same day as last post from Österplana Heath and Grassland. Kodak Portra 400 film. [...]


2023-06-06 22:02:31

A short video from the Minkängarna, Kinnekulle, Sweden filmed 2023-06-05. [...]

Österplana Heath and Grassland

2023-05-28 21:07:10

Some photos from Österplana, Kinnekulle taken a week ago. Mostly early-purple orchids in these photos but also a white elder-flowered orchid. [...]

Sunny Day at Högkullen

2023-02-05 19:52:09

Two photos from yesterday taken at Högkullen, Kinnekulle. It was a beautiful and sunny winter day. [...]

A Perfect Match

2022-12-29 19:17:16

I've been experimenting a bit with macro photography lately and here is a close-up photo of the tip of a match. [...]

The Magic of Film

2022-11-19 22:10:35

Some photos from Högkullen, Kinnekulle taken about a month ago. Kodak Portra 160 film. [...]