Österplana Heath and Grassland

2022-11-02 21:46:35

Time-lapse taken the night between 2010-08-22 to 2010-08-23 with a view over Österplana Heath and Grassland, Österplana, Sweden. [...]

Läckö Castle

2022-11-01 21:31:53

Time-lapse taken the night between 2010-04-23 to 2010-04-24 with a view over Läckö Castle, Kållandsö, Sweden. [...]

The Swamp

2022-10-16 19:40:13

A photo from about two and a half years ago taken in Blomberg. [...]

Perseids Meteor Shower 2022

2022-08-16 21:24:58

Time-lapse and photos of the Perseids taken the night between 2022-08-12 to 2022-08-13 at Kinnekulle with a view over lake Vänern, Sweden. This video also features a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with a cargo of 46 Starlink satellites. [...]

Högehall in Moonlight

2022-08-10 18:22:17

Time-lapse taken the night between 2010-03-03 to 2010-03-04 with a view over Högehall, Västerplana, Sweden. [...]