2021-09-16 21:42:59

A photo of the moon over lake Vänern taken twelve years ago from Råback, Kinnekulle. [...]

Höge Hall

2021-09-14 21:59:01

Two photos of Höge Hall, a limestone that is about two meters high with a hand sized hole in it. The purpose of the stone is unknown but investigations suggests that it might have been used for something astronomical. The Moon and the planet Jupiter can be seen in these photos that were taken in 2009. [...]

More mushrooms

2021-09-12 21:32:20

Some more mushroom photos from Kinnekulle taken about a month ago. Shoot with Canon EOS 1V and Kodak Portra 160 film. [...]

Analog photography

2021-09-09 21:18:33

In the end of July I bought myself a Canon EOS 1V. It's the last professional anlog (film) camera from Canon and I've really enjoyed using it. The autofocus is great and it works with all the Canon lenses I already got. Now I've gotten some of the first photos developed and scanned. I've been photographing a lot of mushrooms lately and this photo was taken at the top of Kinnekulle with Kodak Portra 160 film. [...]

Källby Hallar

2021-09-02 21:59:02

This spectacular sunrise was captured an early december morning thirteen years ago. To the left a runestone can be seen, the runic inscription translates to something like "Ulv and Ragnar, they both raised this stone after Fare, their father, a christian man. He had a good faith in God.". [...]

Stone Circle in Källby

2021-08-28 22:17:23

A photo taken a very cold December day 12 years ago of a stone cricle in the area where I live. The temperature was below -20 degrees that evening. The planet Venus and a very thin Moon are both present in photo. [...]


2021-08-22 22:02:42

Three photos from Jarlehus taken two days ago. In this place there used to be a medieval castle. [...]

Autumn is approaching

2021-08-21 23:00:02

The autumn is approaching quickly. In a month, the leaves will begin to change color. This photo were taken by the end of October last year. [...]

Perseids Meteor Shower 2021

2021-08-16 19:26:07

Time-lapse and photos of the Perseids taken the night between 2021-08-12 to 2021-08-13 with a view over a Stone Circle in Källby, Sweden. [...]

Perseids maximum tonight

2021-08-12 15:53:46

Tonight is the maximum for the Perseids meteor shower. If the weather is clear be sure to head out with warm clothes and a good chair and enjoy the show! The following photos of the Perseids were taken last year. I also made a time-lapse. [...]